Software Enhancements — April 2021

Reccurence Extender

We’re very excited to announce the beta test launch of a new feature: Recurrence Extender. This tool allows schedulers the ability to extend recurrences for multiple employees with just a few clicks.

Force Inbox Messages to Be Read

You can send a message to the eSchedule inbox and “force” your employees to read/acknowledge the message. If your organization is using the Time Clock, employees would need to read their messages before they’re able to clock out at the end of the shift. If your organization is not using the Time Clock, we offer a feature that requires employees to read their messages at the time of initial login.

For more information or to turn on this feature for your account, please open a support case by going to HELP > OPEN SUPPORT CASE.

Timecard Editing

If you have employees using the “Enter Time” feature, you can now allow them to edit their timecard after they’ve entered their time. This is a global setting across all employees that are using this feature.

Super Holidays

eSchedule now supports two different “levels” of holidays. If you pay employees one rate for a set of holidays, but a different rate for another set, the time clock can now process these appropriately. For more information or to activate this feature, please open a support case by going to HELP > OPEN SUPPORT CASE.