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Wintergreen Fire & Rescue, Virginia

5-star review: Customer service is great! Every time I have a crazy idea to customize the product to meet our needs they make it happen. I would recommend eSchedule hands down for fire and rescue scheduling.

— Mike Riddle, Wintergreen Fire & Rescue

Pasquotank-Camden EMS, North Carolina

eSchedule has completely refined the way we do business in our EMS department. If you are looking for staff accountability, then this is the way to go! Utilizing eSchedule gives the staff responsibilities of their own, too…from shift trades, shift bids, to maintaining vital information that we previously had to seek out, taking hours and hours to do.

From scheduling to payroll to tracking employee information, eSchedule has also brought us up to date and beyond in the technology world. If there has been an idea that we have had, the staff at eSchedule has found a way to make it happen within the program. We searched other vendors before committing to eSchedule and none compared to the customer service that we have received before, during and after our commitment to eSchedule. It has been worth every dime we have spent on it. We also believe that we will be able to justify any associated costs with the amount of manpower time that it has saved us.

— Jerry Newell, Director

Western Area Volunteer Emergency Service, New York

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff at eSchedule for all that you have done. Working with eSchedule has been a positive experience from the beginning. We are pleased that the basic package seemed to be designed for us, and then you surpassed our expectations by tailoring it to meet our agency’s specific needs. Your ability to accommodate our diverse response programs has been exceptional. Your company’s commitment to continual improvement is reflected in the many enhancements since we received the original version.

While I am the primary scheduler for our agency, I also have numerous other administrative and operational tasks assigned to me. eSchedule has freed me up by significantly reducing the man-hours formerly spent on scheduling. I do not hesitate to estimate that we are now saving over forty (40) hours each month in scheduling alone. This allows me to focus on other issues, which was not the case before. As you are aware, our package included the Time Clock features, which not only saves us more man-hours, but has shown to be an effective tool in helping to control overtime costs.

As you can see, from the administrative stand point, eSchedule has had a positive effect on this agency. From the membership stand point, the effects have been just as positive. Members are now able to view our schedule from anywhere they have internet access. This flexibility alone was a vast improvement for them. The ability to designate trainee/trainer slots has increased our capability as an agency to provide quality training without overloading our trainers.

In closing, I would like to reiterate that you and your staff have provided us with the product, training, updates and consistently efficient customer service to meet our needs from the beginning. We are looking forward to our continuing relationship with eSchedule.

— Jeanne E. Potanas, Executive Assistant, AEMT-CC

St. Joseph’s Ambulance Services, West Virginia

We have been extremely pleased with eSchedule. The staff have been quick to catch on during the transition.

I’ve been pleased with the time clock feature so far, and in fact have seen a significant decrease in our overtime. Since joining eSchedule, after using a paper time record and scheduling system, we have seen our overtime hours decrease by approximately one third.

Also, the email and text features are awesome, allowing us to get messages out to the staff quickly and efficiently.

— Jeff Propps, Supervisor


I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for all the help that you have offered us with the implementation of eSchedule along with the payroll module. You and your team have been a pleasure to work with.

As you knew from our first meeting our challenges were the scheduling of our part time staff, as well as payroll. Our Operations Manager had to physically call every part time employee or member to ask them if they would like to take the open shifts. This was time consuming and took time from other needed tasks. With eSchedule the part time employees and members can look and sign up for any shift that they want to work and we have to make no calls.

Our biggest issue as you know was calculating the payroll for over 50 employees, this process not only used large amounts of paper but it wasted almost 2 hours of the administrative assistants time every day. It also has taken any false or incorrect documentation of the time actually worked out of the equation. Since the implementation of eSchedule payroll module we have saved approximately $20,000 in the payroll budget. That is approximately 1.5%, I attribute this mainly to the inaccurate documentation of times on the paper forms.

In closing, I would again like to thank you and your staff for the assistance in implementing this program and the continued support services that you offer when the need for change arises. The dedication that you have to your product is unbelievable and I would highly recommend this software to any EMS or Fire agency that is looking for a solution in member reporting and scheduling.

— Thomas P. Pasquarelli Jr., Executive Director

Gates Volunteer Ambulance, New York

I wanted to take the opportunity to send you a letter expressing my gratitude for working with us over the past four months in the development and implementation of our Scheduling Software Package. You and the rest of the team were refreshingly helpful and very insightful as to our needs and requests.

As you are aware we looked at several “canned scheduling programs” yet none of those met all of our needs. From the beginning of our business relationship your expertise and leadership in this field proved to be instrumental in the finished product that we have today. This coupled with the ability to expand other applications in the future to our Scheduling Application ensures that we will be fortunate enough to continue working together. Your continued support and guidance and acceptance to change subtle parts of the program are something that we would have never received this level of customer support from any other vendor.

One of our biggest challenges that we faced as an organization was that our schedule was managing us vs. us managing our schedule. We were impeded by our existing program and after careful evaluation it was determined to that we were spending approximately twenty to thirty hours a month on the making and maintenance of our schedule. I have been a member of several EMS agencies both big and small and realize the value of controlling this part of our business.

In testimonial for Gates Ambulance it has been a very positive impact for both our compensated and non compensated members. Empowering our membership to have the ability to make changes to the schedule from the convenience of their own home but still allowing us to set programming controls. This has helped to control overtime costs and aid us in easily tracking hours for such programs as the service award program and for training times in positions. In addition it is very helpful in its ability to maintain and monitor such things as required certifications.

In closing I would again like to thank you and the entire staff for working with us in finding a solution to our scheduling needs. You as a team have been very professional and your devotion to finding the right solution to our needs is very rewarding.

— Melissa Geffert, Chief

Hatzoloh EMS – Rockland County, New York

To the staff at eSchedule:

We have been using your system for 6 months now and it is appreciated by both the administration and all our volunteers. The administration has everyones records and certifications at their fingertips. The e-mail and member list portions are used regularly.The volunteers have continuous access to their training records and are able to see what they have done and what still needs to be accomplished. They get automatic e-mails to remind them of their upcoming expirations. We have EMT’s, EMT-CC’s, and Paramedics. Recertification must be done at the State level and at the regional level. Each one has different requirements and the program you created for us monitors each individuals requirements for each type of recertification. You came through with everything you promised. We plan on adding more of your modules in the coming months. It was a pleasure dealing with you.

— B.J.Leidner EMT-CC, C.I.C., Training - QaQi

Penfield Volunteer Emergency Ambulance, New York

Dear Dave,

We have fully implemented eSchedule at PVEA. This initially was a challenge for some of our members that were not Internet users. Even with the different levels of expertise, all found that it was surprisingly easy-to-use. You were able to integrate our existing personnel database with eSchedule thereby eliminating duplication of information.

Thank you for the ongoing support.

— Pat Markovitz, PVEA Chairman, IT Committee

Union Volunteer Emergency Squad, New York

I wanted to take the time to express to you and your company our gratitude for working with us in the implementation and on going development of our scheduling program.

As you are aware our old scheduling program was not user friendly and limiting in what we needed. With this new program we are able to shape it to our needs and are still able to expand. Although at first the implementation of the program was a challenge for our members we were able to work out the kinks and adjust it accordingly. With every concern or problem that arose you have always been easily accessible to answer our issues and assist us in any way.

Thank you again for all your assistance and on going support. We look forward to continuing our working relationship.

— Glenn Roberts, BS/NREMT-P