Frequently Asked Questions

We invite you to check out all the available options for managing your company’s scheduling and workforce management needs. eSchedule is very powerful and flexible. We understand you have questions; the biggest one being: “Is eSchedule a good fit for us?” Take a look at these commonly asked questions to help determine if we can help your agency save time and money.

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General Features / Questions

Do I have to setup or install anything?

No. There is nothing to install. eSchedule is completely web-based. There’s no need to install software, upgrade software or manage a server.

If we’re interested in getting started, what’s the process?

After we provide you with a brief tour and pricing, we’ll ask for your approval to move forward. From there, we simply need to understand your shift template and any rules that affect the time clock if you’re choosing to use that feature. We’ll also need a copy of your membership roster so that we can setup accounts for everyone.

Scheduling Questions

Can you handle rotations or recurring shift patterns?

Any rotation(s) you might have can be programmed into our software. Examples include; weekly, 24/48, 48/96, Kelly, Dupont, etc.