Timekeeping / Time Clock

Public Safety Time Clock Software

Our web-based timekeeping feature offers multiple options for tracking time for full-time employees, part-time employees as well as volunteers. It seamlessly interacts with the Scheduling Module and can export data to nearly any payroll software or company.

We offer many ways for tracking time including hourly and salaried employees. For those that clock in/out, employees can punch in & out using our online time clock which can be restricted by location (IP address, MAC address or computer name). When your member clocks in/out, our software will check the schedule and verify the member is currently scheduled to work. Any discrepancies will require an explanation by the member and approval by a supervisor.

Imagine having no more paper time cards! Eliminate the need to manually calculate hours each week. Reduce the risk of human error. eSchedule will take care of it all.

Employees Don’t Punch In & Out?

Even if your employees don’t punch in and out because they’re salaried, you can still benefit from using this feature. The Timekeeping Module is so much more than just a way to punch in and out. You can keep track of PTO/vacation requests, comp time or simply keep track of hours worked/volunteered based on the schedule.

Time Clock / Timekeeping for EMS, Fire Departments and Police
eSchedule Timecard View on an iPad

Standard Timekeeping Module Features

  • Web-based time clock (biometric finger scan add-on available)
  • Integrates directly with the Scheduling Module
  • Can be used for tracking paid or volunteer hours
  • Customized pay codes and time calculations
  • Set custom time rules (punch in/out)
  • Export employee name, pay codes and hours to payroll
  • 24/7 online access including mobile device
  • Restricted access to time clock within your station (optional)
  • Force punch comments outside the normal rules (e.g. punching in early or leaving late)
  • Employees can punch in anytime regardless of scheduled shift
  • Track exceptions (in early, out late, missed punch, not scheduled, etc.)
  • Track “activities” for each punch type (meeting, training, road, dispatch, etc.)
  • Time off requests (PTO or otherwise)
  • Time off accruals — by date, by hours worked or manual adjustment
  • Track overtime, comp time, holiday pay, bereavement, admin/meetings, training, supervisors, unpaid
  • Easily view time off balances (managers and employees)
  • Manage sick calls — remove from schedule, update timecard with sick time
  • Powerful reporting — Absentee & Late Report; Missed Shift Report
  • Easily edit/fix timecards with just a few clicks
  • Punch multiple employees in & out on one screen
  • Employees can view their time card online in real-time
  • Track service hours for volunteer by position

Advanced Timekeeping Module Features

  • Shift differentials
  • Stipends
  • Gross Payroll Report — Store pay rates in eSchedule and export gross pay ($)
  • Advanced Payroll Export — Per-shift detail
  • Varied pay periods by career type
  • Labor Distribution Report
  • Attendance Points Tracking — Issue points for tardiness
  • Division-Based Time Tracking — Track time differently for multiple stations, towns, etc. or by full-time vs. part-time

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