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Dispatcher / 911 Scheduling

eSchedule is designed specifically for the public service industry including 911 Centers and other similar dispatch divisions. We understand that dispatcher’s schedules are often different than the rest of the world and look forward to helping you design a specific solution.

Scheduling Software for 911 and Dispatch Centers

Your dispatchers will be able to see their schedule 24/7/365, submit shift trades/swaps, request time off and more. eSchedule works best when you integrate the Scheduling Module with the Timekeeping Module

Dispatch departments across the United States use eSchedule to ensure their dispatchers are scheduled correctly. eSchedule is designed to handle unique or complex rotation patterns that are common within 911 centers. If someone calls in sick, schedules can quickly and easily remove the employee from their shift. We provide tools to quickly get the shift filled, ensuring minimum staffing levels are met.

Affordable & Easy-to-use

eSchedule’s dispatcher scheduling software is cost effective, easy-to-use and highly configurable.

Integrate With Timekeeping

Our software is modular and can “connect” your schedule with your timekeeping and payroll. If you want your 911 call takers/operators and dispatchers to clock in & out, it will check the schedule to see if they’re late. If you don’t want your employees to have to worry about clocking in/out, that’s fine too. We offer other options for easily tracking time!


  • Eliminate Excel spreadsheets and paper schedules
  • Track skills, certifications, training and credentials
  • Ensure proper shift coverage and reduce unnecessary overtime
  • Communicate schedule changes in real time
  • Easily copy schedule patterns and rotations
  • Access schedules anytime, anywhere

Why waste your time attempting to make a generic scheduling or time tracking software package work for you? We can also quote specific customizations to the software should your department have a very unique need.

Request a free demo and we’ll  e-mail you information including a demo account login, pricing and more.