Online Scheduling Software for Public Safety Departments

Truth be told — eSchedule started out back in 2004 as “EMS eSchedule”. We developed the software for an ambulance agency near Rochester, NY. Since then, we’ve experienced tremendous growth including acquisition of customers in a variety of industries and business types.

eSchedule can really be used by any company looking to manage scheduling along with timekeeping. However, our core focus remains the public service industry. It always has been, and always will be. Unlike other scheduling software options that are very generic, we’ve built something amazing — something that works specifically for the unique needs of a department like yours.

We’ve created pages for each of the main industries we serve. Choose one below and we’ll help guide you with more information…



eSchedule for EMS & Ambulance Agencies


eSchedule for Fire Departments


eSchedule for Air Medical / Flight Companies


eSchedule for Other Industries