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Security & Data

Information Technology (IT), Data & Browser Information

eSchedule is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of our customer’s data. We have implemented several layers of security to protect our customer’s information. This environment includes securing our server, database and application.


eSchedule is a web-based software application (commonly referred to as “cloud” software). There is nothing to install on your local computer(s) and/or network.

Web Browsers

There are no specific requirements for your Web-enabled device other than it needs to have access to a modern Web browser. All common up-to-date versions of Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer (version 10+) will work.

Application Hosting

We’ve contracted with Rackspace to manage and host our application. Rackspace has been serving customers since 1998 and has 190,000 customers across the globe. Physical access to the server is limited to authorized employees controlled by biometrics. Redundant hard drives, daily backups and database logs protect the information from hardware failure. The server sits behind a hardened Cisco rewall, stopping any threats with the industry’s most effective threat protection.


With the exception of scheduled downtime, as of July 2020, eSchedule’s application has been consistently accessible 24/7 over the last 42 months. There have been no unplanned outages or periods of downtime.

eSchedule runs on a secure database that is also hosted by Rackspace. Direct access is restricted by multiple security measures. The database also sits behind a hardened Cisco rewall.

With regard to accessing the database via the application, only authorized eSchedule employees have access to the view or make changes within the database via the Web.


Each eSchedule customer receives a custom and unique URL specific to them. For example: https://yourcompany.myesched.com.

Passwords & Protection of Information
Access to the eSchedule application is protected by a username and password given to each member/employee. Security levels allow our customers to limit the information a member can access based on their role in the organization.

For example, eSchedule Administrators can view and update a member’s profile. CME Administrators have limited access to a member’s profile for purposes of maintaining EMT levels / numbers, clearances and certifications. Members have minimal access to information within the application. A member’s contact information is only shared with the organization if the member has approved it (opted in).

By default, we do not require social security numbers, pay rate or any other sensitive information within the software. However, customers may elect to store such information within their account should they so choose. Other potentially sensitive information that we do capture includes basic contact information such as name, address, telephone number, etc.

SSL is used on all eSchedule accounts/URLs.

If you have additional questions about our security practices, please contact us.