EMS / Ambulance

Scheduling & Time Clock Software for Ambulance & EMS Agencies

EMS eSchedule was developed many years ago to meet the unique needs of EMS / Ambulance departments. An agency got together with our founder and together, EMS eSchedule was born. Since that time, the software has grown leaps and bounds. We’ve added hundreds (maybe thousands!) of features and enhancements since our humble beginning back in 2004.

EMS eSchedule for any department type

  • 100% Volunteer – All-volunteer departments love eSchedule. We keep costs low and our features are affordable. They benefit from the powerful features we offer while not breaking the bank.
  • Paid Departments – Commercial agencies benefit from our ability to customize the software to meet their needs, particularly with the time clock and time calculation areas.
  • Combination Corps – Many of our happy customers are “combination agencies”, a mix of both paid/compensated staff and volunteers.
  • Municipal / County / City Agencies – We serve a high number of local, county and city-wide agencies who benefit from the power of eSchedule.

“We have been extremely pleased with eSchedule. I’ve been pleased with the time clock feature so far, and in fact have seen a significant decrease in our overtime. Since joining eSchedule, we have seen our overtime hours decrease by approximately 1/3. Also, the email and text features are awesome, allowing us to get messages out to the staff quickly and efficiently.” – Jeff Propps, Supervisor, St. Joseph’s Ambulance Services, Parkersburg, WV

Features/Benefits for EMS / Ambulance Agencies

  • Customizable to meet your needs
  • Schedule templates designed specifically for your units and shifts
  • Allow members the ability to pick-up open shifts, swap/trade shifts
  • Improve shift coverage rate — reduce gaps/holes
  • Reduce “no shows” – your members have 24/7 access to their schedule
  • View and change the schedule from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Volunteers / employees can punch in/out; accurate timekeeping
  • No more manual calculation of time cards! Reduce human error rate and save time
  • Track vacation, PTO, comp time & more
  • Track certifications — unlimited certification types
  • Online forms for rig/gear checks (and many others!)
  • Group messaging including e-mail and text messages
  • Powerful reporting — all the info you’ll ever need
  • Set user permission levels based on role
  • & more!

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