Software Enhancements — October 2021

Holidays by Division

For customers with Divisions: Holidays can now be specified for select divisions only. If enabled, a Time Clock Administrator must go through your holiday list and select a Division for each. If multiple Divisions have the same holiday, a holiday must be entered for each division. This feature is not turned on by default. To activate, please open a support case.

Shift Swap Comments

When employees swap shifts and the swap has been Accepted, comments are now automatically inserted into the “Shift Notes” field. Example: Shift traded with Jane Doe, 10/6/21 – Crew 851 BLS

Multi-Punch Clock In/Out

There is now a checkbox toggle next to Select/Deselect All called “Enter Individual Times”. Checking this box will change the view and allow Time Clock Administrators to enter custom start & end date/times for each employee for the same event. This has been enabled for all customers.

Mandated Overtime

Mandated Overtime now allows you to enter a time as well as a date. We’ve also added a checkbox when entering the time called “Override Mandation Date”. Checking this will issue a warning, and if accepted, the new date/time entered will be used as the new “Last OT” date. Without checking this box, if you enter a date prior to the last recorded “Last OT”, it will not reset the date, and the most future date will still be used. This was added as some Time Clock Administrators were making mistakes when entering dates and were not able to “reset” it.

Time Card Column Condense

For organizations using the Timekeeping Module and with more than 10 “pay code columns” on the time card, we’ve released a new feature that will “auto condense” columns that have no data. This gives employees easier access to only view time card columns that have data. A toggle to “uncondense” and display all columns is available.