Fire Departments

Fire Department Scheduling Software

Firefighters across the country are able to see their schedule online anytime, trade/swap shifts, keep track of their time off and see their time card anytime they wish. Supervisors save a ton of time by keeping track of time accurately and removing the need for paper time cards.

  • Rotations – Do your firefighters work a rotation? We can handle any pattern you may have including 24/48, 48/96, Kelly days/shifts, California rotation and more.
  • Time Clock / Timekeeping – We like to brag about our Timekeeping Module. It’s the most powerful and customizable in the industry. eSchedule seamlessly integrates with any payroll provider.
  • Truck Maintenance – Our vehicle maintenance module will track budget, expenses and preventative maintenance for your fire trucks.
  • Online Forms – Make your life easier by placing your truck checks online!

Track Schedules & Timesheets for both Volunteer and Career Firefighters

  • 100% Volunteer – All-volunteer departments can benefit by using eSchedule. We keep costs low and our features are affordable. You’ll benefit from the powerful features we offer while not breaking the bank.
  • Paid Departments – Government/Municipal departments benefit from our ability to customize the software to meet their needs, particularly with the time clock and time calculation areas.
  • Combination Corps – Many of our happy customers are “combination agencies”, a mix of both paid/compensated staff and volunteers.
  • Municipal & Countywide Fire Departments – Larger countywide fire departments love eSchedule; particularly our ability to handle complex timekeeping policies.

“We have been using eSchedule for almost 10 years and have been quite pleased with the product. I have recommended the product to a number of other services.” – Leslie Lindquist, Rescue Asst. Chief, St. Michael’s College Fire and Rescue

Features/Benefits for Fire Departments

  • Customizable to meet your needs
  • Allow firefighters the ability to pick-up open shifts, swap/trade shifts
  • Schedule templates designed specifically for your units and shifts
  • Manage overtime shifts
  • Improve shift coverage rate — reduce gaps/holes
  • Custom rotation patterns
  • View and change the schedule from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Custom time clock logic including PTO/vacation, sick, shift stipends and more…
  • No more manual calculation of time cards! Reduce human error rate and save time
  • Export time entries and send to your payroll provider
  • Track certifications — unlimited certification types
  • Online forms for truck checks (and many others!)
  • Group messaging including e-mail and text messages
  • Powerful reporting — all the info you’ll ever need
  • Set user permission levels based on role

Transform Your Fire Department

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