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Fire Department Scheduling Software

Firefighters across the country are able to see their schedule online anytime, trade/swap shifts, keep track of their time off and see their time card anytime they wish. Scheduling officers, Captains and Lieutenants keep track of time accurately and remove the need for paper time cards or timesheets by utilizing eSchedule instead.

  • Rotations – Do your firefighters work a rotation? We can handle any pattern you may have including 24/48, 48/96, Kelly days/shifts, California rotation and more.
  • Time Clock / Timekeeping – We like to brag about our Timekeeping Module. It’s the most powerful and customizable in the industry. eSchedule seamlessly integrates with any payroll provider. Other things we can help with include comp time/banks, shift swap tracking and time off bank management / accruals.
  • Truck Maintenance – Our Vehicle Maintenance feature will track budget, expenses and preventative maintenance for your fire trucks.
  • Training Records – Manage certifications, training classes & more.
  • Online Forms – Make your life easier by placing your truck checks online!

Track Schedules & Timesheets for both Volunteer and Career Firefighters

  • 100% Volunteer – All-volunteer departments can benefit by using eSchedule. We keep costs low and our features are affordable. You’ll benefit from the powerful features we offer while not breaking the bank.
  • Paid Departments – Government/Municipal departments benefit from our ability to customize the software to meet their needs, particularly with the time clock and time calculation areas.
  • Combination Corps – Many of our happy customers are “combination agencies”, a mix of both paid/compensated staff and volunteers.
  • Municipal & Countywide Fire Departments – Larger countywide fire departments love eSchedule; particularly our ability to handle complex timekeeping policies.

“Customer service is great! Every time I have a crazy idea to customize the product to meet our needs, they make it happen. I would recommend eSchedule hands down for fire and rescue scheduling.” – Mike Riddle, Chief of Operations, Wintergreen Fire & Rescue

Features/Benefits for Fire Departments

  • Customizable to meet your needs
  • Allow firefighters the ability to pick-up open shifts, swap/trade shifts
  • Schedule templates designed specifically for your units and shifts
  • Manage overtime shifts
  • Improve shift coverage rate — reduce gaps/holes
  • Custom rotation patterns
  • View and change the schedule from anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Custom time clock logic including PTO/vacation, sick, shift stipends and more…
  • No more manual calculation of time cards! Reduce human error rate and save time
  • Export time entries and send to your payroll provider
  • Track certifications — unlimited certification types
  • Online forms for truck checks (and many others!)
  • Group messaging including e-mail and text messages
  • Powerful reporting — all the info you’ll ever need
  • Set user permission levels based on role

Transform Your Fire Department

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