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Pricing: Only Pay for What You Need

We believe in offering a powerful, customized solution that is budget-friendly. Unlike generic scheduling packages, eSchedule is designed with features that are specific to public safety. Your annual cost will depend on the features you wish to use as well as the number of employees you have.

eSchedule starts at $1,200/year with an annual invoice (up to 20 active employees, with Scheduling/Core Features; additional modules available including Timekeeping).

To request pricing information, please complete our Free Demo form.

Budget Friendly

We’ve always been budget-conscious and our pricing model matches accordingly. Whether you’re a small volunteer department or a large commercial or municipal department, you’ll find eSchedule to be very affordable.

No Setup, Training or Support Fees

For most customers, there are no setup, training or support fees. A small percentage of new customers request custom development that may involve a one-time and/or recurring customization support fee.