About eSchedule


Only Pay for the Features You Need

eSchedule starts at $1,100/year (with our Scheduling Module only; up to 30 employees). Your annual cost will depend on which features you’re interested in as well as the # employees in your organization. Contact us today for a custom quote.

Other software packages make you pay for a large bundle of features. Not with us. Pick and choose the features you want. You can add additional features at any time.

Budget Friendly

We’ve always been budget-conscious and our pricing model matches accordingly. Whether you’re a small volunteer department or a large commercial or municipal department, you’ll find eSchedule to be very affordable.

No Setup, Training or Support Fees

For most customers, there are no setup, training or support fees. A small percentage of new customers request custom development that may involve a one-time and/or recurring customization support fee.

Interested in a customized price quote for your company? Contact us today and we’ll e-mail you pricing options and more information.