Latest Updates


A number of customers have contacted us inquiring about the availability of an API. We’re happy to say that we do have an API available. It contains schedule and time clock data which can be consumed by a third-party application. For more information on our API, please visit the Knowledge Base. There is no additional cost. To obtain an API token, please open a support case.

Rest Period

eSchedule offers a feature that aids schedulers in enforcing a rest period. For example, if your policy states that employees require 24 hours off in between shifts, a warning will appear in the event a scheduler attempts to violate the rest period. For more information on this feature, please contact us by opening a support case.

Mass Add Shifts — Warning Message

Within the “Mass Add Shifts” screen, we recently added a warning that appears when a scheduler attempts to schedule someone who is already working. This enhancement is now live for all customers who use the Mass Add Shifts feature to schedule.

Integrations: Emergency Reporting & First Arriving

Emergency Reporting

eSchedule is working with Emergency Reporting to create an integration between the two systems.

If your organization is currently using Emergency Reporting, please contact us to discuss the possibility of integrating their product with eSchedule. You can simply reply to this e-mail (

First Arriving

eSchedule integrates with First Arriving — Users have the ability to schedule members and see their roster displayed on the First Arriving Dashboards.

This includes:

  • Show current day roster and/or up to the next 3 days
  • Name of member
  • Time start and end of shift

If you’re currently a First Arriving customer or would like more information, please contact us or visit the First Arriving website.