Have Too Many Paper Forms? Go Digital And Take Them Online!

We all know how annoying paper can be. While we still like to have our trusty “to do list” on a nice yellow legal pad, it can be a nuiscance having too much paper floating around. Especially in an ambulance agency with multiple departments and lots of staff members.

In addition to taking your paper schedule and moving it online along with your time cards and payroll processing, we recently introduced an amazing new feature which we call FORMS MANAGER.

Forms Manager is an available add-on for all our customers. It will allow you to take virtually any “form” and covert it from paper format to an online version that is easily accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Some examples include:

  • Rig / Ambulance / Truck / Vehicle Check Sheets
  • Check Request Forms (reimbursement)
  • Uniform Requests
  • Gear / Bag Check Sheets
  • Field Strip Check Sheets
  • Training Evaluation Forms
  • Feedback Forms
  • Incident Reports
  • Run Statistics
  • Work Orders

If your agency might benefit from this great add-on, let us know. Our staff will work closely with you