About eSchedule


Menu-Based Pricing Will Save You Money

We know price is important to you. We want to design a solution that meets your budget. For small departments, eSchedule starts as low as $25/month (without scheduling) or $75/month (with scheduling). Contact us today for a custom quote.

Selected Features + Number of eSchedule Login Accounts = Your Price

The price you pay depends on the number of eSchedule accounts (logins) you have as well as the features you choose.

Menu-Based Pricing

Pay only for the features you want to use. Other software packages make you pay for a large bundle of features. Not with us. Pick and choose the features you want. You can add additional features at any time.

Budget Friendly

We’ve always been budget-conscious and our pricing model matches accordingly. Whether you’re a small volunteer department or a large commercial or municipal department, you’ll find eSchedule to be very affordable.

No Setup, Training or Support Fees

With eSchedule, there are typically no setup, training or support fees. You can cancel at anytime after an initial 90-day commitment.

Interested in a customized price quote for your company? Contact us today and we’ll e-mail you pricing options and more information.