Upgrade Notice — January 2017

Upgrade Notice — January 2017

The following feature upgrades are now available in your eSchedule account:

(1) Ability to add multiple Certifications to a member at one time.

(2) Ability to add multiple Equipment items to a member at one time.

(3) Within the Assigned Equipment section, you can now adjust the “Issued Date” to any date you wish (it formerly defaulted to today’s date).

(4) Within the entire Member Profile page, you may now type in dates (or use the calendar pop-up as before).

(5) Easily move from one user to the next using the next/previous buttons found at the bottom of the page

(6) Expand / Collapse each section of the Member Profile page. This makes updating one section much faster.

(7) You now can add up to 50 User Defined Fields.

Upgrade Notice – October 2016

Upgrade Notice – October 2016

eSchedule has been upgraded with the following enhancements. As always, if you have questions or need help, please contact us by e-mail at or (585) 419-6288.

CME Module

  • Add ability to update course name

Vehicle Maintenance

  • Vehicle Maintenance Report now sorts by service date (descending) and sorts correctly if you click on the date column


  • Overtime Projection Report: added Excel export option

Visual & Functional Upgrades

  • Administration > Log by User
  • Administration > Log by Date Time
  • Administration > User Defined Field Update
  • Administration > Shift Audit Report


Excel Export Troubleshooting Guide

We’ve recently seen occurrences of Excel exports coming up blocked from eSchedule. If you save the file locally (generally goes to your ‘downloads folder’) you should be able to locate the file, then right-click on ‘properties’ and have the option to click ‘unblock’. This will serve as a temporary workaround while we look into this issue.

For more details, download the Excel Export Troubleshooting Guide.