Software Enhancements — November 2020

Certification Module

Minor changes have been made to the names of the various Certification Module pages within the navigation. To add, edit or delete a certification click “Update Certification Types”. If you need to update a certification for a specific member, view their profile and scroll down to “Certifications”.

Vehicle Maintenance Module

  • Added a “Purchase Order” field to the maintenance record page
  • Fixed a bug that displayed attachments incorrectly

Suppressing Time Card Signature E-Mails

It is now possible to suppress time card signature e-mails that are being sent to all Time Clock Administrators. If you wish to turn these notifications off for your Time Clock Administrators, please contact us by opening a support case.

Gross Payroll Report

We’ve completed development on a new feature called the “Gross Payroll Report”. This new report generates total gross wages for each employee for the selected pay period. Hourly rates for each pay type are stored in the employee’s profile and multiplied by hours worked. A total is then generated for each employee. This report is ideal for organizations who use an accountant to prepare payroll and need to enter gross pay into their payroll system.