Software Enhancements — January 2021

My Bids — New Column

For those who have access to approve or reject a shift bid, eSchedule now displays the name of the person who approved/rejected. In order to see the new column, be sure to change the filter option for “Status” to something other than “Pending”.

Mobile Clock In / Out

We recently made some visual improvements to the mobile clock in & out. If your employees are using a smartphone to clock in/out, it is now just that much easier! Click here for more information about the various options for restricting access to the time clock.

Time Off Request — Multiple Days

Within our Time Off Request feature (“PTO Request”), employees can request multiple days off in a row. After selecting the “Multi-shift” tab, an employee can search for a date range and select which dates/shifts they’d like to request off.

Note: In order to use this option, the employee must currently be on the schedule for the dates that are being searched. Otherwise, they can use the “Single shift” tab to request any date(s) regardless of their current schedule.

Years of Service Field in User Profile

A new field was added to the user profile: Years of Service. This will automatically display the number of years & months based on the date stored in the “Start Date” field.

Pro Tip: Advanced Filtering

On most reports in eSchedule, you’ll see an icon that looks like this. Clicking it will expand the filter options at the top of the report.