New Messaging Features

We’re currently rolling out an exciting new feature to EMS eSchedule customers.  Our upgraded communication tool now features the ability to send messages within the software itself.  With the latest enhancement, administrators have the option to send an internal messages which will be displayed on the main dashboard, viewed when users login.  This feature is in addition to the current options of sending out a text messages, pager messages or/or e-mails.

A few of the benefits include:

  • Ability to send a message to groups or selected individuals
  • Ability for members to “acknowledge” a message
  • Administrators can see a report that shows which members read and acknowledged a given message
  • Ability to set an expiration date for messages
  • Option to print message reports

In addition, we’ve enhanced the way message groups are handled:

  • Administrators can now see a complete list of all available message groups.
  • When an administrator selects a “group” to message, they can now see the individual members contained within the group.

These upgrades are currently being tested with a select few agencies. We plan to roll out the changes to all customers within the coming weeks. If you have questions, please contact us at [email protected].