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How does the certification tracking work?

You can enter as many certification “types” as you need (CPR, ACLS, PALS, FF1, EVOC/CEVO, etc.). Once you’ve entered all of them, you can enter expiration dates for each of your members. They will be alerted when their certification is nearing expiration.

Can I upload scans of certification cards/certificates?

Yes. Feel free to scan in copies of your employees’ certifications and upload them to eSchedule. We accept any common file format for images. If you upload JPG’s, we can even create one file that your members can use to view all their cards on one page!

What happens when someone logs in and a required certification has lapsed?

The member can login but they will be in a ‘read only’ mode. They won’t be able to clock in or pick up shifts, as an example. This ensures you don’t send someone on a call with an expired certification resulting in a potential fine.

What is the CME module?

The CME module allows your training department to easily track progress toward recertification. We will customize this area to meet the needs of your state or certification process. For example, EMT-B providers in New York need 24 hours of core training over 3 years. The CME module allows you to enter classes that qualify for the necessary training. Your members will always have access to view their status toward recertification.

What’s the difference between the Certification & CME modules?

The certification module allows you to enter any number or type of certifications your members may need. The CME module is tailored specifically to your state’s continuing medical education requirements and is used to track progress toward a specific set of classes and # of hours for recertification.