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I have a member who is working a regular shift but is also attending an event or meeting at our agency at that time. Will they be paid twice?

Possibly. You need to be sure to not place time on that employee’s time card for the meeting/event if they’re already working and punched in.

How do you account for pay periods or days of the week?

Pay periods can be set-up to start/end at any day or time. ie. Sunday at 0000; Monday at 0600, etc. -weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, 28-day and more.

How do you calculate time for the time cards?

Based on your company policy. Our time clock is the most powerful in the industry. We can handle any time calculations your agency may have. We’ll make sure your time card process is seamless, easy and accurate.

Our agency’s time calculation is complicated. Can you handle it?

Without a doubt. We’ll ensure your time clock and time card/payroll export is spot on. This includes custom pay codes and calculations for things like:

  • PTO / Vacation
  • Comp Time
  • Sick Time
  • Personal
  • Unpaid
  • Training
  • Admin
  • Holidays

How does timecard data get into our payroll system?

Our Timekeeping Module will export time card data in any format you might need. If your payroll provider or software has a specific format, please let us know. Chances are we can make it work. Generally the file format is .CSV, .XLSX or .TXT.

Can employees punch in/out?

We offer many options to track time. One of which is a standard punch in & out.

The time clock is web-based. After your member logs in, they simply click the CLOCK IN button. They can enter a comment along with their ‘punch’. We will customize the time clock’s logic to suit your needs. For example, if you want to allow your members the ability to punch in 15 minutes early, that’s no problem. It’s all up to you.

Can my employees punch in/out from anywhere?

That depends. Most customers choose to restrict access to the time clock. We can set it up to allow punches from anywhere or just from the places you specify (using computer name, MAC address or IP address). Administrators can manage punches manually from anywhere.

What happens if someone is late or absent?

This will create an ‘exception’ in the system. Administrators can monitor the Exception Report from anywhere at anytime. Exceptions include punch in early/late, punch out early/late, not scheduled, etc. As the administrator, you will need to review and approve/edit/deny any exceptions prior to closing out the pay cycle.

Does eSchedule take care of tracking sick and personal time?


Can someone request paid time off (PTO) if their bank of hours is empty?

We can allow for “negative PTO” requests if you’d like. This would allow your employee to have approved PTO for time off in the future, but prior to actually accruing that time.

What is Labor Distribution?

Want to know how much labor is expended at each station? That’s labor distribution in a nutshell. Labor distribution allows you to categorize your employees’ hours so you can pay them from different pay codes, centers, or departments.

How does time card data get exported to my payroll provider?

The power of the time card export process is extreme! It’s so quick and simple. After you’ve verified that all your employees’ time cards are correct, all it takes is the click of button. The data is compiled and a file is created that you can send to your payroll provider.

What’s the overtime projection report?

One of the ways we’ll help you save money is by keeping overtime to a minimum. By using the overtime projection report, you’ll have a sense for the amount of overtime upcoming and can make staffing changes accordingly.

How can I enter time for a large group of employees for a meeting or training?

There are a couple different ways to handle this. By using our ‘multi-punch’ tool, you can punch in/out a large number of employees all with a single click. Or, you can use the Events Calendar feature to allow your members to sign-up for an event (staff meeting, training, etc.). Once the event is over, simply verify their attendance and export the time to their time card.

Can eSchedule keep track of “comp” time?

Yes. This allows your employees to work shifts that can be tracked and rewarded with comp time, to be redeemed later. This is a custom setup that will be built around your company’s specific policies (holidays, overtime, paying at 1.5 time, etc.).