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Can you handle rotations or recurring shift patterns?

Any rotation(s) you might have can be programmed into our software. Examples include; weekly, 24/48, 48/96, Kelly, Dupont, etc.

Do you have a shift “giveaway” feature?

Yes. Your member can “post” their shift for someone to work for them. An e-mail and text message will be sent to all cleared members who are eligible to work that position/shift.

Does eSchedule sync with other calendars or software?

Employees have the option to export their upcoming shifts/ schedule to the iCal format which is the most commonly accepted calendar format. They can then sync the iCal file with Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.

Can I customize the schedule?

Yes. We’ll set you up with a custom schedule ‘template’ that is comprised of whatever units/shifts/times/positions you want. Our software is designed specifically to meet the needs of public service agencies. Examples include:

  • Station 1, Station 2
  • West Station, East Station
  • Night Shift, Day Shift
  • Medic, Driver, EMT, BLS, ALS, FF, Trainee, Other, Rider/Observer, Paramedic, Pump Operator, Interior Firefighter

These are just examples. We will make sure your schedule functions how you’d like it.

Can you filter the schedule? How can I view it?

Yes. We can setup custom filters that allow you to view the schedule by various criteria. You can also see the schedule using hourly, daily, weekly or monthly views. You can also setup views by department or division.

Can any of my employees work any shift on the schedule?

That depends. They will only be able to sign-up to work for shifts/positions in which they’re cleared for. In the user profile, you control which “positions” each employee is cleared to work.

Can I remove someone from a single instance of a recurring/rotating shift?


Can I remove someone from all instances of a recurring/rotating shift?


Can I close out shifts on my schedule template so they don’t appear on the schedule?

Yes, you can. Employees can’t sign-up or bid for any shift(s) that you close out.

Will the schedule allow someone to be scheduled in two places?

No. Any given member/employee can only be in one place on the schedule at any given time.

When I’m looking at the schedule, what do the icons next to the people’s names mean?

These are configurable to indicate employees who work a certain position such as a trainer, FTO or some other special position/certification.

What are the rules around submitting availability?

Availability rules can be setup how you wish. For example, some agencies require availability to be submitted by the “Xth” day of each month. If you tell us when that is, we will restrict access to it after that same day each month (just an example) or, leave it open to submit at any time.

What is the AutoScheduler feature?

Our AutoScheduler uses the schedule template and your employees’ submitted availability and automatically creates a recommended schedule for you. It uses number of hours per week/pay period as well as hire date to create a proposed ideal schedule. As a schedule administrator, you will have the opportunity to approve/deny any portion of the suggested schedule prior to publishing it.

Can I split a shift?

Yes. Our software is smart enough to allow you to place a employee in a shift but only for a portion of it. For example, on a 0700-1700 shift, if you add John Doe from 0700-1200, eSchedule will automatically create an open shift for the balance (1200-1700).

How can my employees pick-up an open shift?

We offer three (3) different options for you to choose from:

  1. You can allow any member to pick up any open shift (that they’re qualified to work) at any time without approval needed. We call this DIRECT SIGN-ON.
  2. You can allow your members to ‘bid’ on a shift which then requires review by a schedule administrator prior to placing them on the schedule.
  3. Or, we can setup a ‘hybrid’ solution. This allows employees under a certain number of hours (that you pick) to automatically pick up an open shift. If they’ve exceeded the max # hours for the week or pay period, then it requires review by an administrator.

Availability View: What’s the difference between the names in gray vs. black?

Members who’s names are in gray are already working at some point during that day. If their name is black, they’re available but not currently working that day.

Can my employees request to “swap” or “trade” a shift?

Yes. Your employees can swap or “trade” a shift with another employee. E-mail alerts are sent and the other member can approve or deny the request. If your agency is setup to require administrative approval for shift changes, the scheduling admin will receive an e-mail notifying them of the request, asking for their approval.

When an employee picks up or bids on a shift, can they include their comments?

Yes, there is a “comments” field they can use to send a note to the scheduler along with their request.

How can my employees submit their availability?

Your employees will view a calendar and they can click on the various dates and shifts they’re available to work. They can even enter a custom time if they’re only available for a portion of a shift.