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Do I have to setup or install anything?

No. There is nothing to install. eSchedule is completely web-based. There’s no need to install software, upgrade software or manage a server.

If we’re interested in getting started, what’s the process?

After we provide you with a brief tour and pricing, we’ll ask for your approval to move forward. From there, we simply need to understand your shift template and any rules that affect the time clock if you’re choosing to use that feature. We’ll also need a copy of your membership roster so that we can setup accounts for everyone.

Do you have an app?

A downloadable “app” is in the works. For now, eSchedule is mobile friendly. It works fine on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The mobile version offers the most frequently used features. A link to the “full” version is always available in the footer. If you’re using a tablet or iPad, the full web version will appear.

How many employees can access the software?

Our pricing is based on the number of active members in your organization as well as the features you wish to activate. You tell us how many people need to have access and we’ll only charge you for what you use. Once you reach your max # users, simply contact us to increase your plan to allow for more users.

Why should we choose eSchedule over other software?

  1. We will tailor the software to meet your unique needs.
  2. Customer service and happiness is very important to us.
  3. Everything is in one place. No need to have separate applications for your schedule, time cards, training records, etc.
  4. Our software is designed specifically for public service agencies.
  5. Our time clock is hands down the most powerful in the industry. We can handle any unique calculations you might have.
  6. Our pricing is very competitive and reasonable.
  7. There is no long-term contract or commitment.

How long have you been in business?

Since 2004.

Can I setup different administration levels for my employees?

Yes. Different options include:

• Administrator
• Scheduler
• Department Administrator
• Event Administrator
• Swap/Trade Approver
• Shift Bid/Request Approver
• Document Administrator
• CME Administrator (Training Officer)
• Time Clock Administrator
• View Only
• & more…

Is your software secure? What about downtime?

eSchedule is safe, secure and downtime is next to never (in fact, we have 99.9%+ uptime). Contact us for a copy of our detailed security & information technology document.

Do you have a ‘trouble ticket’ feature?

Not at this time. However, you could use our Forms Manager Module to create a custom trouble ticket form that can be used for issue reporting or vehicle maintenance problems, for example.

What reports do you offer?

We have many different reports available for you to access. Reports are also filterable, sortable and most are “exportable” to Excel.

Examples of reports include:

• Open Shift
• Overtime Projection
• Event Attendees
• Time Card / Timekeeping / Payroll
• Availability Report
• Service Report by Position
• Service Report by Month
• Member List / Database
• Missed Punch & Exception Reporting (Time Clock)
• Missed Shifts
• Absentee & Late Report
• PTO Report
•….& more…

Does eSchedule sync with other calendars or software?

Employees have the option to export their upcoming shifts/ schedule to the iCal format which is the most commonly accepted calendar format. They can then sync the iCal file with Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.

What do employees see when they login?

If your employees have any certifications that are nearing expiration, they will receive an alert each time they login. Also, if they have any unread messages, it will notify them as such. After that, your employee will see the main ‘dashboard’ which is a summary of upcoming shifts, messages, shift bids/swaps, PTO information and upcoming events.

Does eSchedule store social security numbers or pay rate information?

Not by default. You can elect to use the “User Defined Fields” option to add these fields to the user profile if you wish.

What is the Events Calendar?

The Events Calendar is an easy-to-use, flexible tool to allow for the creation of both internal and external events. If you have an upcoming staff meeting or training event, place it on the calendar. Your employees can then login and sign-up to attend the event. After it’s over, you can do a simple time card export which gives credit to those employees who attended the event (this will carry through to payroll).