Agency Management & Communications Questions

Can I send out messages to all my employees?

Of course. Our messaging feature is very powerful. You can send an internal message (within the software), an e-mail blast, text messages or a message to your member’s digital pagers. You can even attach files and see when someone read your message!

How does group messaging work?

We automatically create message groups based on your agency’s unique setup. You can also create unlimited custom “groups” of people to message on your own. Name the groups however you’d like. The power is in your hands.

Does eSchedule send automatic e-mail notifications?

Yes. There are a number of automatic e-mail notifications that get sent to users and/or administrators. This includes shift pick-up requests, PTO requests, shift approvals, etc. We also send out an automatic weekly e-mail to all your members that shows their schedule, upcoming open shifts for the week and expiring certifications. The system alerts (emails, texts) come from admin@emseschedule.com. The “From” name would be your agency/department name.

Can my employees send out messages to everyone?

That’s up to you. We can set it up so only administrators can send out mass messages. Or, we can allow your members to also use this feature.

Can I attach more than one file to a group e-mail message?


Can employees edit their own profile information?

They can edit some, but not all of their data. They can change their contact information, messaging preferences and password. All other data is managed by administrators.

What’s the Vehicle Maintenance Module?

You can track your fleets’ mileage, costs and budgets, routine and unscheduled maintenance issues and more!

How does the Document Library work?

Think of the document library as a web-based storage drive. You can create an unlimited number of folders and upload files to each of them. All your members can access these files at any time. This great for reference materials such as SOG’s, SOP’s, protocols, policies or any other file you may wish to share.

Can I create custom fields in the employee profile?

Yes. They can be a date, list, number or open text. You can make these fields required or not. Some examples for which you might use this would be:

  • Creating custom member types (life member, auxiliary)
  • Adding “clearance” dates
  • Adding dates when a member is approved by the Board

What is the Equipment Tracking Module?

This is great for tracking any equipment or items you issue to your members. Jackets, pagers, keys, radios, etc. You can see a report by each member that shows all the items they possess.

Do you offer inventory tracking?

The software is not meant to track true inventory for things like medical supplies.

What is Forms Manager?

This great feature lets you take nearly any paper form you may have and place it online. We will create a custom form for your agency based on what you currently use. This is great for rig/vehicle/truck checks, gear checks, drug/CS checks, uniform requests and more. The forms are specific to your agency and are built from scratch.

What is the Reward Points Module?

The Reward Points Module allows you to reward your members with points for time spent with your organization. Members can login, view and track their points balance as well as request to redeem points.