CME Module Enhancements

Our CME module is available as an add-on feature to any eSchedule account. It gives your members and training department the ability to track progress toward any state, regional or national re-certification requirements that your members have (e.g. EMT, paramedic, nursing, etc.).

For example, if your state requires 72 hours of training for your EMTs to become re-certified every three years, our software allows you to enter classes and hours that are applied toward the program for each individual member of your agency.

The CME module has been available for a number of years however, we recently added some new enhancements:

  • Entirely new look & feel
  • Assign up to two instructors for any class
  • Transfer ‘extra’ hours from mandatory classes to elective classes
  • Skills tracking

For those using the CME module, the enhancements are at no additional charge. If you’re interested in upgrading your account, please contact us: