EMS Week 2014

National EMS Week is May 18-24, 2014. It’s the one week in the year that EMTs, paramedics and other ambulance first responders are acknowledged and placed in the spotlight. We work with so many great EMS agencies, helping them with their scheduling and agency management needs. Our staff sees great work being done year-round but it’s nice to see this one special week dedicated just to the medical first responders.

If nothing else, the media and greater public can recognize the dedicated and hard work put in day in and day out. Although things have improved, we find that EMS is often under recognized and appreciated. Our goal is to help highlight the fine work you do and as a company, we’ll be promoting EMS week and offering some special promotions coming up later this month.

Stay tuned and check back here on our Blog, on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We’ll be sharing some exciting news in the coming weeks!

Starting A Fire

When EMS eSchedule was founded years ago, we focused our business around the EMS and ambulance industry. There was a clear need for a solution that agencies could use to handle their scheduling and time clock management. Over the past 10 years, it’s become clear that our powerful software works really well for other types of businesses as well including:

  • Fire Departments
  • Air Medical / Air Ambulance
  • Towns and Cities
  • 911 Centers / Dispatch Centers

We have many customers currently partnering with us from these industries and we’re always looking to grow.

Have a question about our software and whether it might be a good fit for your organization? Let us know. We’ll get right back to you.

Have Too Many Paper Forms? Go Digital And Take Them Online!

We all know how annoying paper can be. While we still like to have our trusty “to do list” on a nice yellow legal pad, it can be a nuiscance having too much paper floating around. Especially in an ambulance agency with multiple departments and lots of staff members.

In addition to taking your paper schedule and moving it online along with your time cards and payroll processing, we recently introduced an amazing new feature which we call FORMS MANAGER.

Forms Manager is an available add-on for all our customers. It will allow you to take virtually any “form” and covert it from paper format to an online version that is easily accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Some examples include:

  • Rig / Ambulance / Truck / Vehicle Check Sheets
  • Check Request Forms (reimbursement)
  • Uniform Requests
  • Gear / Bag Check Sheets
  • Field Strip Check Sheets
  • Training Evaluation Forms
  • Feedback Forms
  • Incident Reports
  • Run Statistics
  • Work Orders

If your agency might benefit from this great add-on, let us know. Our staff will work closely with you

Working Wonders For Lawrence County EMS

Lawrence County, OH is home to one of EMS eSchedule’s customers—Lawrence County EMS (LCEMS). Their mission is to deliver high quality, comprehensive emergency medical service with excellence, compassion and professionalism. We’ve worked closely with them to develop a custom software solution that meets their needs.

In addition to basic customizations across the platform, our client Mac Yates and the team at EMS eSchedule have focused on adding a number of custom features that have taken the ambulance software to the next level.

Both the EMS and 911 divisions use our software.

  • Pay Period Adjustments
    Lawrence County’s different divisions run on different pay periods. Our software team designed a solution that allows them to adjust the pay period on-the-fly based on the division in which their processing payroll for.
  • Sick Time Accrual
    The company uses a unique accrual program. Their employees earn sick time over a specific period of time. Although our software doesn’t handle this by default, we were able to alter their program to handle this without a worry. This feature is now used bi-weekly on demand by the customer.
  • Attendance Reporting
    LCEMS has a zero tolerance attendance policy. Using a custom point system, employees are docked “points” depending on the severity of the tardiness or absentee instance. eSchedule’s reporting now handles this flawlessly. It also prompts a “reminder” to managers to trigger a counseling meeting when an employee’s points reach a certain level or if they’re a “no call / no show”.
  • Forms Manager
    This new feature is being used by many of our customers. It’s super popular and is saving time for road crews and managers alike. Essentially, the forms manager takes nearly any paper form and converts it to a digital form online. It works really well for ambulance gear/shift checks, maintenance checks, uniform requests and equipment checks.For LCEMS, we assisted them with building custom forms for their ambulance check sheets, medication inventory list and medication supply order forms.
  • Biometric Finger Scan – EMS Time Clock
    Plans are in the works to implement the biometric finger scan to LCEMS’ time clock. This new feature requires employees to scan their index finger in order to punch in or punch out, thus reducing the change of fraudulent or “buddy” punches.

Why Choose Our Software?

We understand there are many options for ambulance scheduling software on the market. Options include web-base software that is tailored specifically to the EMS/Fire/Ambulance industry as well as those that are generic.

As part of our sales process, potential customers ask us all the time what differentiates us from the rest of the pack. Based on this, we proudly offer you the top 10 reasons why you should choose EMS eSchedule!

  1. Our software is customizable to suit your specific agency’s needs
  2. Unlike other generic scheduling programs, our system has been specifically designed to work for EMS & Fire agencies
  3. EMS eSchedule is very versatile
  4. Mobile Friendly—access the application from your smartphone!
  5. Simple monthly fee—no hidden charges or contracts
  6. Our unwavering commitment to our customers
  7. Frequent no-charge software upgrades
  8. Our staff comes from an EMS background
  9. Customer service – As a small business, we’re a phone call or e-mail away. Expect a quick reply each and every time.
  10. History – We’ve been in business for nearly 10 years. We must be doing something right!