Feature Updates: Fall 2018

Forms Manager Security Option Updates

We’ve made some exciting changes to our Forms Manager Module. We can now limit who can view/edit/delete form entries. For example, employees can only see form entries they’ve completed but Administrators can see all entries. We have several new options available.

To Update Your Account: Contact or 585-419-6288 x2

Cost: No charge

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Availability Submission Update — Custom Time Range

Want to hide the custom range option on the availability submission screen? No problem! We’ve added this as a configuration option.

To Activate: Contact or 585-419-6288 x2

Cost: No charge

Other Miscellaneous Updates & Fixes

— Updated the monthly schedule views. This fixes display issues on Safari as well as a visual issue for the weekdays header on Internet Explorer.

  • Users may now export shift notes.

AUTOSCHEDULER FIX – Updated AutoScheduler so that users cannot accidentally submit the form multiple times.

VEHICLE MAINTENANCE FIX – Fixed an error in the Mileage Log. Previously if a user selected a vehicle to filter the list, it would cause an error.

SHIFT SWAP REQUEST FIX – Fixed an issue whereby when submitting a swap request, the receiver’s shift didn’t display the shift name properly.