Excel Export Troubleshooting Guide

We’ve recently seen occurrences of Excel exports coming up blocked from eSchedule. If you save the file locally (generally goes to your ‘downloads folder’) you should be able to locate the file, then right-click on ‘properties’ and have the option to click ‘unblock’. This will serve as a temporary workaround while we look into this issue.

For more details, download the Excel Export Troubleshooting Guide.

Latest Software Updates

Our coding wizards have been busy adding a number of awesome updates to the eSchedule software.

Time Card Signatures

  • Allow your employees to review and electronically sign their time card at the end of the pay period.
  • On the Payroll Report, view who has/hasn’t signed their time card.

Communication Preferences

  • Members can now opt in/out of receiving e-mails for Reward Points notifications as well.
  • Employees can opt in/out of receiving text messages for:
    • Event Notifications
    • PTO Notifications
    • Shift Notifications
    • Comp Bank Notifications

COMING SOON: Text notifications for shift bids and shift swaps.

Labor Distribution

  • For customers who have Labor Distribution turned on, you will soon be able to filter e-mails/text messages by department(s).

Vehicle Mainteance

  • Added “Service Type of Warranty” as available option.
  • Miscellaneous menu updates.

Equipment List

  • Ability to export to Excel

User/Employee List

  • Ability to export to Excel

Profile Photos

  • COMING SOON – Upload  an employee photo to their profile.

Visual Upgrades – These pages have been given a face lift:

  • Time Card
  • Vehicle Maintenance

Welcome, Alex Cook — eSchedule Expert

Alex Cook - Paramedic - ResizedAlex Cook recently joined eSchedule as a Support Team member and eSchedule Expert. Many of you have already spoken with Alex over the last few months. His role will cover many areas including customer support, outreach and setting up and configuring new customer accounts.

Mr. Cook is a certified paramedic in New York State. Prior to that, he was an EMT in New York for a number of years. Alex received a BA in biology from SUNY Geneseo in 2010. Prior work experience includes the University of Rochester Medical Center where he served as a Health Project Coordinator. In his spare time, Alex enjoys working on his home, video games and spending time with friends and family.

Please join us in giving Alex a warm welcome to the eSchedule team! Alex can be reached at