Empress Wins Big!

A huge ‘congrats!’ to one of our customers — Empress EMS in Yonkers, NY. They took home a number of awards in their area including:

  • BLS provider of the year – Maria Figueroa
  • ALS provider of the year – Richard Harvey
  • EMS communication specialist of the year – Brigitte Fowler
  • EMS agency of the year

The awards were given out by the Westchester Regional EMS Council. For more details, see this press release.

New Feature: Auto Scheduler

Our new “auto scheduler” feature is super cool. Here’s why:

  1. It takes your employees’ availability and “automatically” (see below for details) schedules them for shifts based on: (a) your schedule template; (b) the number of scheduled hours a given employee has in the pay week (lower hours get priority); and (c) seniority.
  2. It will save you tons of time.
  3. It gives you complete control over who works when!

Watch this short video clip for a quick tour of this awesome new enhancement:

New Feature: Text Message Alerts

It seems like everyone is using text messages more and more as a primary means of communication. Given this, we’ve added a new feature to our automatic notification alerts. In the past, your employees would receive e-mail notifications for certain automatic triggers (see list below). Now, they also have the option of receiving text message alerts as well!

The available alerts for text messages includes:

  • General message notifications
  • General pager notifications
  • Event notifications
  • Shift swap notifications
  • PTO notifications
  • Shift bid notifications

Through the “edit user profile” screen, your employees can pick and choose which alerts they wish to receive. It’s important to point out that the “text message address” and “cell phone carrier” fields must be properly filled out in order for the text message alerts to function properly.

For complete details and a demonstration on how to activate the alerts, check out this video: